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Decortech’s innovative, wood panelling is the perfect interior solution for your next building project. Our contemporary wood panels provide a distinctive and unique look, natural timber creates an elegant, warm environment

We work closely with architects to ensure your designs are realised as you intend, and to ensure our final product is perfect.

Your free sample box is a mouse click away. Fill out the form above to order yours. Our kit is tailored to your request, includes samples of our wooden panels and provides inspiration for your next architectural project.

Our Product Range

How to specify

Décortech’s range of substrates, perforation patterns and finishes means that you can mix and match to create a distinctive, unique look for any space, create perfect acoustics and be inspired by the warmth, beauty and elegance of a natural timber look.

Please browse product pages for options available.

For any panel, or group of similar panels, specify:

  • Perforation code (Holes, slots, grooves, special). eg. HR513
  • Perforation border. eg. 50mm
  • Substrate. eg. 12mm Firesafe Decorply Plywood, 16mm MDF with English Tawa veneer etc.
  • Substrate Size. eg. 2400 x 1200
  • Finish. eg. Décortech Factory Applied Clear Satin Finish
  • Fabric. eg. Decoustic 85

Extensive modification can be made to our patterns, so please contact us to discuss options for stopping perforation around penetrations (light fittings, sprinklers, diffusers, PIRs etc) or requirements for custom panels.


Our sample box is available on request. Please contact us if you require samples or an updated sample box. We also manufacture custom samples for specific projects, please contact us for any custom requests.

Decortech works closely with architects to ensure that design intent is not compromised, and we work hard to ensure the final product exceeds expectations.

Complete the form above to request a sample box, custom sample or a draft specification.

Décortech Masterspec

Décortech is now on MasterSpec section 5172D. Download our Masterspec section using the button below. We are always happy to help with specifications so contact us for a draft specification or to discuss your project requirements.


Green Building

The requirements for safe and environmentally friendly workspaces are continually improving.  Our primary goal is to produce products that enhance the indoor environment, particularly acoustically. We can also offer products that exceed green building specifications, such as low formaldehyde emission, FSC Certified products and Environmental Choice options.

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Shop Drawings

Décortech offers free of charge cad drawings of all panels for customer approval, giving an added sense of security by ensuring that each individual panel is checked before machining begins. This ensures peace of mind for both parties guaranteeing panels are delivered to customer specifications every time.

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