Décortech Firesafe Range

Meet all your Decorative, Acoustic and Fire Retardant needs with Decortech Firesafe Panels – The Complete Solution.

Décortech are the market leaders in fire retardant timber panels and are the first to introduce a Plywood range in New Zealand to meet a Group 1S fire rating under ISO 5660 and a Group 1 in Australia under ASNZ 3837.

  • Décortech has Firesafe Plywood and MDF options for walls and ceilings to meet a Group 1s fire rating.
  • Our Firesafe Range has been tested in accordance with ISO 5660 Parts 1 and 2, with the Group Classification determined in accordance with the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) Verification Method C/VM2 Appendix A or EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 meeting a B-S1-D0 equating to a Group 1S rating.
  • Group 1S is the highest classification achievable and is suitable for use for interior linings in all areas where a fire rating is required. A Group 1s classification will also cover Group 2 and Group 3 requirements.
  • Options that cover only Group 3 fire requirements are available which may be a more cost effective option for your project.
  • Décortech can supply test reports for council consent for all our fire rated panel options and have done extensive testing to ensure we have tested, compliant options for all fire requirements.
    Ideal for all entrance and exits, especially for schools, hospitals, commercial and public buildings including retirement villages, hospitals, atriums, open plan offices, theatres, libraries and halls .

Décortech Firesafe is a solution that offers all the elegance and beauty of wood with all the safety and security of fire retardancy. Contact us today for further information on how you can use Plywood or MDF in your project while meeting all acoustic and fire requirements.

Substrates Available in the Firesafe Range

Group 1s Options (Covers Group 2 also)

Firesafe Decorply

Firesafe MDF

Group 3 Options

Radiata Plywood

Hoop Pine Plywood


Gaboon Plywood

Meranti Plywood

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