Décortech Product Range

Décortech manufacture all panels in house, ensuring quality products and timely delivery. Our panels are durable, sustainable, easily installed and above all functional, combining decorative, acoustic and fire retardant solutions in one. We have an extensive range of substrates and perforations and provide solutions for wall and ceiling panels, partitions and workstation dividers. All of our panels are fully customisable. Talk to us today about your project requirements.


Décortech has a fully flexible range of options to suit any project including timber and MDF substrates, natural timber veneer and painted finishes.  Firesafe solutions are available to meet every fire requirement under both ISO 5660 and EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009.


Having the right acoustic treatment is vital for any space and Décortech panels have been specially engineered for excellent acoustic performance.  Décortech Acoustic Perforations, when combined with our large range of substrates and finishes, create the perfect acoustic properties for any space without compromising design intent.  Décortech Panels are a flexible solution for your acoustic requirements and have been tested to ISO11654 by University of Auckland in conjunction with Marshall Day Acoustics.


Décortech panels are available prefinished down our specialised Paintline finishing unit in Clear, Ash, Nude, Ivory, Blonded, Blackwood and Nordic in Ultimatte, Matte or Satin Finishes or one of our standard colours.  Panels can also be finished in any paint colour from any range.  Metallics and special finishes are available if required.

Drop In Ceiling Tiles

Décortech Ceiling Tiles provide drop in tile options that fit into standard grids combining easy installation with superior aesthetics, acoustics and fire performance.   Décortech Ceiling Tiles can be used in existing grids making them perfect for refreshing and updating an existing space.  Available in Firesafe or standard MDF with a large range of Real Timber Veneer or Paint Finishes, Décortech Ceiling Tiles are a simple solution to your grid ceiling requirements.

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