Radiata Plywood

Décortech Radiata Plywood is Radiata plywood finished with a hard wearing clear satin finish available with acoustic perforations or as a non-perforated panel.  Radiata Plywood is generally a light coloured plywood with a prominent grain. Finished with Décortech factory applied clear satin finish, Décortech Radiata Plywood has a hard wearing, scratch resistant satin finish to give a clear natural look.

Our prefinished panels reduce potential onsite issues such as spills, overspray or damage and is easily installed to decrease cost and time onsite.  Decortech Radiata Plywood is a cost effective solution that combines a decorative and acoustic solution into one.

Décortech Radiata Plywood  is ideal for wall and ceiling linings where acoustic properties are required especially for schools, hospitals, commercial and public buildings, partition screens and display panels. It is ideal in areas that have a higher moisture content.

Décortech Radiata Plywood is environmentally friendly and is only sourced from sustainably managed forests. FSC certified Radiata plywood can be provided on request.

Available non perforated or in a full range of stylish acoustic perforations both standard and fully customised, Décortech panels can be used to create perfect acoustic performance. Our panels come prefinished which prevents the need for additional onsite trades after installation reducing potential onsite issues such as spills, overspray or damage.

Additional Information

Click here to download a Technical Specification Sheet for Décortech Radiata Plywood

Click here to download a Radiata Plywood Grading Sheet.

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