Décortech Firesafe Décorply

Meet all your Decorative, Acoustic and Fire Retardant needs with Decortech Firesafe Decorply – The Complete Solution.

Décortech is leading the way in solutions for fire resistant plywood and decorative and acoustic panelling. Exclusive to Décortech, Firesafe Décorply Plywood meets the equivalent of a group 1S fire classification.

Décortech Firesafe Décorply Plywood is a  lightweight, dimensionally stable substrate with a high-quality edge detail for improved aesthetics. A white glue line gives a clean, light edge making it perfect for decorative applications.

Décortech Firesafe Décorply Plywood is a pre-finished panel with a hard-wearing fire-resistant coating that retains the look and beauty of natural wood with the safety of fire retardancy. Our panels come prefinished preventing the need for additional onsite trades after installation reducing costs as well as potential onsite issues such as spills, overspray or damage. Pioneering the next level of finish in a fire retardant panel, Décortech Firesafe Décorply is available in a range of custom finishes including Clear, Nude, Blonded, Ivory, Ash, Blackwood and Nordic.

Available in a full range of stylish acoustic perforations both standard and fully customised, Décortech panels can be used to create perfect acoustic performance for any space without compromising fire safety.

Additional Information

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