Hastings Police Station

  • Architect: GDH Woodhead Creative Spaces
  • Product: Decortech Firesafe Veneered Slotted Panels
  • Substrate: 12mm Firesafe MDF
  • Veneer: Tasmanian Oak 1/4 Cut
  • Perforation: SR4237CF
  • Finish: Clear Satin
  • Acoustic Backing: Decoustic 85 Felt

“The internal layout of the station is designed so that the staff areas are predominantly located within open plan floor layouts with a central atrium space and circulation route forming the core of the building. This space allows for superior integration and communication between various teams across the floor levels. The open layout of the building was integral to allowing a change in the ways Police work in creating a more agile workplace.

Décortech slotted panels were selected for the wall and ceiling linings in the atrium and central circulation space in order to control ambient noise between the floor levels whilst also creating enjoyable spaces for people to meet and congregate.

Tasmanian oak timber veneer was specified to keep the space warm and light whilst the perforated slot pattern provides texture and interest to the space. The versatility of the product allowed us continue the acoustic surface from wall to ceiling to suspended ceiling tiles.” – David Angus, GHDWoodhead Creative Spaces.

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