Marine Events Centre

  • Architect: Moller Architects
  • Product: Décortech Firesafe Radiata Plywood with Custom HR915 Hole Perforation.

Over 2500 triangles were required for the award winning Marine Events Centre and 280 custom panels were individually templated by installers Forman Commercial Interiors. The panels were then shop drawn and once approved, produced.

The panels had to meet both acoustic requirements and fire requirements. The fire ratings required on the ceiling were SFI – 2 and SDI – 5 and were crucial to meet the building code for surface spread of flame and smoke development index. Our Firesafe Radiata Plywood panels were ideal as the our SFI – 0 and SDI – 3 rating more than covered this and due to the coastal environment, Radiata Plywood was the obvious choice. Being able to combine plywood with the Fire Resistant coating system meant that natural timber could be used in the project and no compromises were required in terms of the finish as Décortech Firesafe Radiata has a hard wearing, satin finish that is applied down our Paintline for a premium result on every panel.

The panels curved to a 3 metre radius and initially it was unclear whether this could be achieved in 12mm Radiata Plywood. Décortech constructed a full sized 3 metre radius curved sample to demonstrate to Moller Architects exactly what they were specifying. This was then critiqued and changes were made as required. Countersunk screw holes were added to make onsite installation easier.

Acoustic Requirements of 30% open area were required so a custom perforation HR913 was created to achieve the open area needed to keep the hole perforation that the architect specified.

Marine Events Centre

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